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For International Customers

How do I order from anywhere in the world?


If you wish to receive overseas, please use the overseas service (tenso.com,Inc).
Please contact to tenso.com,Inc such as your usage and service fee.
If you have questions about our shop product, please contact us.
We usually answer to your e-mail within 3 business days, if you have no answer from us over 3 business days, please send e-mail us again.
e-mail : info@milky-ange.com


※It takes service charge and overseas shipping fee "tenso.com,Inc" ,apart from the shop charges.
※Transfer com is another company. Please make sure to "tenso.com,Inc" how to use overseas service.

Notes of overseas delivery


Can not be returned or exchanged correspondence.
We will support the domestic delivery part in Japan.The overseas shipment is responsible for the "tenso.com,Inc".
If broken at the time it reaches you, please contact to "tenso.com,Inc".
If you use "tenso.com,Inc", please select credit card or bank transfer.

Do you have a catalogue?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer print catalogues.

I would like to use your images.

Please DO NOT use any images on your site without permission.

If you find any copies of our images in any other places being used on a web site without our permission, used as their catalogue or sold copy products.
Please inform us as soon as possible, for there is a possibility of an infringement of copyrights.